Where Women Work Career Direction Webinars


Where Women Work Career Direction Webinars


You're invited to join us for our insightful Where Women Work webinars facilitated by popular global career coach Fiona Craig. With a background as a lawyer turned recruiter, Fiona understands exactly what's needed to thrive in today's corporate culture, how to differentiate your talents and excel in your career. Previously recruiting for search firms including global agency Hudson, Fiona now uses her skills and experience to support women in focusing and accelerating their careers. A well-respected and competent career coach, Fiona helps women achieve brilliant results and career successes, and is consistently rated with high satisfaction levels.


- An easy to implement process for creating goals that you will actually follow through on and achieve

- The 3 shifts that separate the top 5% of peak performers from the rest (and how to implement these in your life)

- A month by month system that guarantees you stay focused and motivated to succeed for the whole year

- A 3-step system that will ensure you gain the leverage you need in your career to move it to exactly where you want it to be.

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