The seven types of power


The seven types of power

So just how powerful are you at work and which type of power do you mostly use?
And why do some colleagues seem to have power that we ourselves may question?

Coercive power
Are you a coercer? Do colleagues fear the consequences of not doing what is asked of them?

Connection power
Are you a connector who has the ear of powerful people in the organisation?

Expert power
Are you known for your expert skills and accomplishments?

Power of access
Do you have access to valuable or important information? Do people see you as being ‘in the know’?

Positional power
Do you have a senior position with an important job title and responsibilities?

Referent power
Do colleagues like and respect you?

Reward power
Do you have the ability to bestow rewards like job assignments, schedules, pay or benefits.

At work we sometimes see people trying to use power they don’t have, or maybe they’re trying to use the wrong kind of power to achieve results.

Think about your own experiences and how you perceive yourself - and how others might perceive you! Identify your power base - and leverage it effectively while being aware of the other types of power you’re competing with.


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