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Does work fit your life, or life fit your work?

Worklife balance is key

Sound too good to be true? Not for Eva Urban, a Statutory Scheme Specialist at Suncorp.

“Sometimes I just want to pinch myself because my work and outside life work so well together,” exclaims Eva.

“I’m grateful for how fulfilled and engaged I am through my work, all while still being afforded the time to enjoy my outside interests.”

Part of a great team

Eva works in Suncorp's Commercial Insurance section as part of a great team in the Statutory Portfolio & Underwriting Management area. She has worked for Suncorp for ten years and has loved every minute of it.

Her background is multi-faceted having worked as a nurse, solicitor and running a family business.

"My very first job as a junior solicitor was with GIO, now part of Suncorp. I started in the Compulsory Third Party business then left the company to work for a private law firm as a personal injury litigator. I then returned to GIO and took up various roles within the workers compensation business. GIO was acquired by Suncorp - and here I am today!" explains Eva.

The importance of independence and specialism

Eva thrives in her role because she enjoys a great deal of independence and is well-respected by colleagues for her professional expertise and acumen. She has successfully harnessed and aligned her skills into an ideal forward-thinking role, moulded to her strengths and interests. "I consider community and government debate on public policy settings, especially as they relate to statutory schemes, such as workers’ compensation and Compulsory Third Party schemes. This includes considering how Government welfare, health, ageing, disability schemes and superannuation policy interact with statutory schemes. With the ageing workforce, it's vital to consider how to harness the capacity of mature aged workers and those with disabilities and their carers." Eva says over the years she has developed and fine-tuned her role to closely match her key strengths and relevant interests.  Today, she's well suited to her position due to the level of independence her role provides. 

Drawing on strengths

Eva is thankful she effectively combines her nursing, legal and business skills into the one role. This enables her to draw on her strengths, and be valued by her colleagues. A part of her role that she’s especially passionate about is supporting thought leadership development for the business.“I'm a keen political observer and over the years I've harnessed my ability to monitor the political and economic environment and identify opportunities and risks for Suncorp’s personal injury schemes. Australia's National Disability Insurance Scheme is just one example where reform will produce significant changes within the statutory schemes. I’m thrilled Suncorp is willing to take a leadership role in the public policy debate and to consider how insurance products may be better delivered to the community. For me this is very exciting and of interest because I enjoy looking for worthwhile novel approaches to the debate. Because of this I feel really very engaged with my work. In fact, GIO paid for me to complete my Masters in Health/Law which has certainly helped me to develop my interest in the political debate on public policy.”

People matter

The 'people factor' is very important to Eva, who describes herself as being very energetic, pro-active and thoughtful on different points of view. "I enjoy working with such smart, supportive, interesting colleagues at Suncorp. There's such a diverse range of employees, which is a source of many different points of view - and that's very exciting." Eva manages her own workload. Her ability to multi-task and multi-skill mean she may be working across a number of areas at any one time. This suits her because she certainly thrives on identifying new opportunities and is never bored or stifled with ‘sameness’ in her role. Her colleagues value her breadth knowledge and so in turn Eva feels pleased she is an integral part of the business.

The importance of family

Outside of work, Eva's life has seen many ups and downs.

Having to deal with managing disability within her family, Eva has needed flexible work arrangements over the years to enable her to move between permanent part-time and full-time work arrangements during different stages of her career. 

Eva's carer responsibilities are not so onerous these days, but her time has been joyfully filled with two beautiful grandchildren.

Eva now works three days per week so that she can assist with day care and school pick-ups while her daughter ramps up her own career. 

What could be more perfect for an experienced ambitious career woman!

Family is very important

"Family is very important for me so it's lovely to spend time with my grandchildren and, in fact, there's a nice harmony to this arrangement because I was very busy working when my own daughters were young." Enjoying true work-life balance, Eva continues to thrive through her outside interests - cooking, gardening, travelling, movie watching and actively supporting her chosen charity the Schizophrenia Research Institute. Eva even finds time to mentor her grandchildren in dance and has taken up adult dance classes so she can join them in their local end-of-year dance concert bonanza. 

Right company, right role, right life!

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