Suncorp’s Executive Manager, Customer Strategy & Retention


Smart, focused and driven - meet Suncorp’s Dominique Layt

“My reputation is based on the quality of my work output,” exclaims Dominique, a successful team-orientated leader.

Customer focus

At Suncorp, Dominique is responsible for strategically determining who the customers are, along with what they need and want from the company. She’s also responsible for Suncorp’s customer service program and ensuring customers are always at the centre of what the company does. Her role focuses on customer experience and the company’s value proposition, customer segmentation strategy, customer lifestyle communications design and customer retention programs. Competitor intelligence and detailed analytics are also key.

An impressive woman, Dominique has also been Suncorp Bank’s representative on the Retail Banking Committee, a delegated committee of the Industry Strategy Working Group sub-committee of the Australian Bankers Association Council.

Passionate about leadership

“Leadership is one of the things that I’m most passionate about. Delighting customers is another, so I’m in the job that definitely ticks both those things for me. I’m highly motivated about exceeding expectations,” explains Dominique.

Dominique started out as a trainee teller at a retail bank straight from school, working her way through various branch and specialist roles. Then, moving to another retail bank, she was appointed Regional Manager and was responsible for 20 branches. Dominique then aspired to work for Suncorp in order to gain experience outside of banking so started as a Program Manager where her Diploma of Project Management came in handy.

The four former roles Dominique has held at Suncorp have been Executive Manager (Strategic Planning & Performance Management), then Executive Manager (Banking Risk Support), then Executive Manager (Governance, Operational Risk & Compliance), then Executive Manager (Customer Strategy, Marketing & Corporate Affairs) - before her current Customer Strategy & Retention role.

Suncorp by far has the best work culture

“I’ve worked for three corporates throughout my career and Suncorp by far has the best work culture. The hierarchy is relatively flat and you’re able to influence change and be nimble in achieving positive outcomes. I’m also able to work flexibly which allows me to spend quality time with my young daughter in the afternoon, then log on when she’s asleep at night - so this works exceptionally well for me, my daughter and for my role,” explains Dominique.

A highly organised, motivated and results-oriented person, Dominique believes that Suncorp is a great company to work for. “Suncorp looks at individuals and their capability and it’s willing to support people moving into roles they may not have had a lot of experience for. This provides significant opportunities to grow and challenge oneself and of course it also helps build self-confidence.

Flexible working at Suncorp

Flexible working is encouraged and this provides the opportunity to achieve key goals such as study, family responsibilities or sports training while delivering on the expectations for one’s role.”

Dominique describes herself as a motivating leader and strong communicator who’s adaptable to constantly changing environments with great ability to operate at many levels, engage stakeholders and motivate teams. She is driven by honesty, courage, perseverance and fairness - and is a firm believer in teamwork. “Our team is diverse in the specialist areas we make up. No one person can know or do everything so I rely on each member and show my appreciation that others know more than I do. I believe having fun is critical for creating a happy and productive team,” explains Dominique.

At Suncorp people are encouraged to grow and develop and to be successful. “Working here, everyone is involved and has valuable input. Each person understands the vision and the importance of their role in pursuing goals.

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