Female career planning at Suncorp


Suncorp’s brilliant emphasis on career planning

Samantha Miller is Executive Manager of Investor Relations for Suncorp Group. She believes Suncorp has a great emphasis on female career planning and opportunities -  and she thrives on the diversity of her job.

Every day is different

"I’m always learning. My current role suits my strengths and it allows me to develop my abilities even further,” explains Sam.

With over a decade and a half of experience at Suncorp, Sam began working in the Sydney Treasury room working as a Trainee dealer. “I knew I didn’t want to be a trainee for too long so I moved through the various roles in Treasury and sought out new opportunities.”

Working in Treasury, you learn about the financial markets, in particular interest rates and foreign exchange. Sam worked in Suncorp Bank’s Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate teams before moving into the Specialist Wholesale Funding area where she was responsible for Long Term Debt, Securitisation and Capital.

During the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), funding was one of the greatest areas of concern for Banks - and during this time Sam was heavily involved in funding Suncorp’s Bank.

Sam had an inspiring sponsor

Sam's sponsor recommended her to Suncorp’s Investor Relations team and so she planned her career move accordingly. Now she works on the equity side, looking after the Suncorp Group‘s shareholders.

“In my previous role in Treasury, we issued Bonds to support the Bank’s funding requirements. But in Investor Relations  I work on helping our shareholders better understand Suncorp and its financial and operation performance and strategic direction.”

Sam cites Suncorp’s people as one of the company’s best assets. “Suncorp has a great culture or working hard but enjoying your job at the same time,” she explains.

Sam works full-time while her husband is the primary carer for their children and this allows her to balance the travel requirements of her role.

Samantha says she’s grateful that Suncorp is flexible with working hours and encourages work-life balance because family is her number one priority. “We always enjoy a special activity each week-end and I even try to get a run or two in every week.”

Maybe Suncorp is for you?

So if Suncorp sounds like an engaging place to work where you can develop your skills and career, get in touch and let us help you find the right area, manager and roles to explore - or review Suncorp’s current vacancies to get a feel for potential opportunities.

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