Ros Lyon enjoys working for Suncorp


Ros Lyon’s always on her toes at Suncorp

Ros Lyon is National Corporate Underwriter for Professional & Financial Risks at Profin (a division of Vero Insurance which is owned by Suncorp).

She manages a number of large accounts nationally for the division - mainly professional indemnity policies that are intermediated by large international broking houses. She underwrites complex risks for professional indemnity, directors and officers’ liability, medical malpractice and trustees liability. She also manages some smaller accounts in her portfolio, but on the larger policies premiums can range from $100,000 to multi millions of dollars.

Keeping clients happy

“To keep clients and brokers happy in this sector you really need to be on your toes,” laughs Ros. “A strong service ethic is very important and you have to be up to date with all the relevant legal changes and other developments that can affect your clients.”

Ros certainly keeps a constant handle on the policy wordings and offerings from competitors. “The thing I really enjoy is that from day to day you never know what a broker or client is going to ask of you - and the big guys can certainly throw some curve balls at insurers so you have to be able to think on your feet and not be afraid to make quick, but informed, decisions.”

Ros studied law at University however she never intended to practise it. “I ended up falling into the professional indemnity area of insurance and I absolutely loved it. I’ve worked for about 30 years in the industry, with half my time spent on the broking side and the other half working for insurers. I’ve held management roles in broking houses and with insurance companies but my real preference and joy is being right at the coalface helping clients with their insurance needs in an underwriting role. And this is what I do now at Profin.”

Flexible working 

Being part of the Suncorp Group, flexible working arrangements are an important offering. “Even though I choose to keep a very distinct line between home and work life, many many employees around me take advantage of greater merging of the two via flexible arrangements and it works well.”  

Ros finds her colleagues at Suncorp always very friendly and willing to help. “It’s a great working environment and I really value that employees are from all walks of life with varied qualifications. This wealth of collective knowledge and different ways of looking at problems is so essential in coming up with solutions for my clients,” explains Ros.  

Suncorp certainly provides a lot of options for women. While Ros doesn’t have children herself, she does have other commitments such as caring for her aging parents and Suncorp certainly provides her with the flexibility to handle these issues without too much stress.

A great work culture at Suncorp

Suncorp’s culture ensures I don’t ever feel afraid to ask others for their opinions or advice on certain directions or how I can progress my career. Within Suncorp there are so many impressive female and male mentors available. In fact, by knowing how I’m perceived through peer feedback, I can adjust my actions to produce better outcomes if and when required, both for myself and for the company.”

Enjoying a good balance between work and her outside interests, Ros is involved with quite a few animal charities. Growing up on a rural farm in central NSW, Ros was always surrounded by animals and the bush so she fostered a love of animals. “Looking back, I probably should have become a vet!” laughs Ros who also spends time enjoying extreme sports like skydiving, white water rafting, stunt flying, ballooning and bridge climbing - yet still finds time to relax playing golf, reading books and enjoying movies with her husband Russell.

So if Suncorp sounds like an engaging place to work where you can develop your skills and career, get in touch and let us help you find the right area, manager and jobs to explore - or review Suncorp’s current vacancies to get a feel for potential opportunities.

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