Women returner opportunities with Avanade


Avanade supports talented women returning to work

Avanade looks for leaders with vision. People who can help them make a genuine impact on millions of people through the work they do each day.

As part of Avanade's quest to attract, develop and retain female talent that contributes to a gender-balanced organisation, their Woman@Avanade campaign continues to grow.

First, they developed a dedicated program called the ‘Accelerator Program for Women’ targeted to women at group manager and manager level to better support them as they progress their careers at Avanade.

They recognised they must focus on the female pipeline to build it and strengthen it so they can promote from within and attract more women to Avanade, promoting their objective to build a gender-balanced organisation.

Why they do this?

At Avanade, they see incentives - beyond financial incentives - to close the gender gap and attract more women to the technology industry. Women bring a different set of skills to our organisation than men, and it is that diversity that enables Avanade to think differently, act differently, and ultimately realise results for their customers.

‘Realize Your Potential’ is a new program that reaches even more women across their organisation. It provides support, guidance, mentoring and solutions to barriers women may face in the workplace and much more. It's a six-month program dedicated to senior consultants and below, as women build their career at Avanade.

So far, it has been launched across their offices in Europe, Africa and Latin America, reaching over 130 women who now experience more connections and less isolation in their roles. By building this network of women, they're able to engage with each other as well as share experiences and knowledge among the group to help them grow professionally. Through both programs, they now address the pipeline at every level up to director. As both genders move through the organisation, they're excited to see more women being promoted. This tells Avanade that their internal programs are effective in cultivating women through their careers and into leadership roles. Avanade can't thrive in their industry if they don't embrace the fantastic richness that diversity brings to the solutions and services they deliver to their clients, as well as creating an environment for all their professionals, which is motivating, fun and creates meaningful positive experiences every day.

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