Talented executives are attracted to working at Origin


Executive talent thrives at Origin

It takes a lot of people to explore, generate and sell energy - more than 6,000 people in fact. And someone has to lead the teams. Talented executives are drawn to Origin for its exciting work, changing environment, excellent work culture and rewarding benefits. Origin has various General Manager positions that arise from time to time.

Kellie Benda is Origin's Chief Risk Officer

Kellie is a highly qualified and experienced senior executive and non-executive director with expertise across a range of industry sectors. She commenced her career as a lawyer, moved into investment banking and then accepted a corporate executive role, while managing to stay happily married with four young children. Kellie has managed large teams and budgets across areas including strategy, M&A, funds management, HR, brand & marketing, risk, sustainability and government relations. She is a lawyer, with an Arts degree in Industrial Relations, a Masters in Finance and is a graduate of the Harvard University Advanced Management Program. Kellie is also a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Directors and the Australian Institute of Management.

Energy is an exciting sector

“Energy is on the cusp of huge change, be it renewables, gas or the way we use it. We can all be part of it and the remarkable transformation of an industry, here and around the globe. Origin is well placed to be a key player during this change but we must continue our focus on being ahead of our current and imagined competition (and that may come in many forms). The sector will see an increase in transaction activity such as mergers and acquisitions, divestments, increased investment in new technology and more market volatility - all adding to the excitement!”

“I encourage women to look for opportunities to demonstrate their existing skills and knowledge but something that also offers them growth. Be passionate about what you do and put yourself out there. Be forward looking and inquisitive, as the energy sector will go through massive change over the next decade or so. Leverage and build on your strengths (not just technical, but leadership too); and make sure you continue learning. If you keep focussed on the future, keep challenging yourself and keep thinking big picture, you’ll give yourself the best chance of success.”

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