Flexible working at Suncorp


Driving a culture of flexibility at Suncorp

At Suncorp, they're confident that the greater their ability to build a truly flexible workforce, the greater their ability to retain excellent talent. This is why they continue to encourage their people to challenge the traditional paradigm of work and life and to think differently about WHERE, WHEN and HOW work is performed.

Suncorp helps its people realise their potential

They're focused on helping their people realise their potential, both in and outside of work - in fact, 79% of their annual employee engagement survey respondents tell them that they're supported in achieving a reasonable balance between their work and personal life which is 18 points higher than global high performing companies.

A family-friendly workplace

Fostering a family-friendly workplace and supporting employees when they are raising a family is something they’re passionate about.  We encourage both men and women to take advantage of their parental leave and flexible working policies to be the best they can be at work and home. 

In Suncorp's 2014 employee engagement survey, 82% of respondents told them that they work in a flexible way. The same proportion said that their work schedule is flexible enough to allow them to meet their family and personal responsibilities which is 9 points higher than global high performing norms.

Employees engaged in their work

Since then, 84% of Suncorp's emplyeees feel they are supported in achieving a reasonable balance between life and work commitments. These results reflect the efforts made to improve employee advocacy and implement flexible working options across the business. And 85% of employees indicate that they'd recommend Suncorp to family and friends.

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