Origin actively supports women returners


Origin supports women returners into the workforce

With many varied roles, Origin understands that not everyone can work a 9 to 5 day.

When you start with Origin they invite you to have a chat with your manager about what they can do to support your needs.

Origin provides a range oif initiatives aimed at helpng ots employees re-enter the workforce after a career break including:

Parental leave

13 weeks paid maternity and adoption leave, and five days paid partner leave

Part-time work 

If agreed with your manager, you can work less than a standard week

Job sharing 

Two employees can work together to share one full-time position

Off-site work 

Work from an off-site work location whether that's at home or a customer's location

Purchase extra leave

You can purchase up to four weeks extra leave each year

Career breaks of 3-12 months

You have the freedom to achieve personal goals without having to take leave or resign


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