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Sarah Adam-Gedge sets Avanade Australia’s agenda

Avanade looks for leaders with vision. People who can help them make a genuine impact on millions of people through the work they do each day.

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Meet Sarah Adam-Gedge setting Avanade Australia’s agenda as it innovates in a digital world.

Supporting companies as they transform results through business-critical technology solutions is both complex and challenging. It is also one of the most rewarding and results-oriented careers around.

Avanade Australia General Manager, Sarah Adam-Gedge, leads the company’s own transformation as clients increasingly embrace digital business. Setting the vision and direction for Australia, Sarah has a clear agenda for ensuring Avanade’s expert teams with deep specialist Microsoft knowledge deliver outstanding solutions for clients.

Around the world, Avanade is recognised as a leader in business technology, cloud and managed services solutions within digitally innovative enterprise Microsoft environments. Australia is one of Avanade’s fastest growing markets and to continue increasing the business at a rapid rate, Sarah and her team are focused on driving innovation with clients to exceptional standards.  

"Being at the forefront of your industry and having such a significant impact is a very engaging proposition for any employee,” says Sarah.

Avanade has a fresh and vital feel

“Avanade’s solutions have a considerable impact on our clients’ businesses - increasing profitability, building greater efficiency, transforming digital workplaces and improving business agility,” remarks Sarah.

“Our solutions enable work to get done in new ways, from empowering employees in a digital workplace to helping businesses engage their customers in new ways. There are many opportunities in the Australian market - we have a lot to do,” she adds.

Avanade’s employees thrive in a dynamic and inspiring workplace

“The Avanade team delights in helping clients envision the art of the possible, and then deliver on that vision with digital solutions, cloud and managed services,” says Sarah. “Being at the forefront of your industry and having such a significant impact is a very engaging proposition for any employee.”

According to Sarah, Avanade’s collaborative, open-minded, cross-border culture provides a great opportunity for employees to demonstrate their capabilities and be recognised for their performance and achievements.

“Avanade has a fresh and vital feel,” says Sarah, who is a chartered accountant by background. “It's an attractive company to work for. We’re a dynamic, fast-growing, inspiring organisation with an open and flexible culture. We're proud that the Microsoft knowledge and expertise of our team is second to none. The performance of our people matters incredibly to our client’s success, and to Avanade’s success.”

Out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged at Avanade

Nothing comes between employees and clients. Avanade’s project teams are led by technology visionaries who embrace different viewpoints as they guide clients to achieve business results which can change the top and bottom line.

“The test every day is how relevant and effective you are. Your impact is clearly measurable,” says Sarah. “Being able to help clients solve problems and understand the business benefits of innovative solutions is the hallmark of being an Avanade employee.

”Given her impressive background in the professional services and technology sectors, it’s no surprise that Sarah’s strategic perspective is widely respected and is also an active Ovarian Cancer Australia board member. “Ovarian Cancer Australia has a considerable impact when it comes to raising awareness, conducting research and providing help to women affected by this disease. I’m delighted Avanade encourages employees support and participate in the community. I believe that my role as a board director with Ovarian Cancer Australia is strong testament to the company’s desire to make a difference.”

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