ASX graduates


ASX graduates

Your Career. Your Point of Difference.

ASX is a great option for graduates. They operate at the heart of Australia’s financial markets and are the first major market to open each day. Recognised as a global leader in exchange innovation, ASX has embarked on a technology transformation that'll improve the capacity and efficiency of Australia’s financial marketplace. This is your opportunity as a graduate to join a unique company and be a part of an exciting IT journey.

Why the ASX?
- they're the front line of financial markets and the first major market open every day
- as the hub of the financial industry you'll gain exposure to a raft of financial products and see first-hand how the Australian Financial Market operates
- as a graduate you'll work with leading edge technology and systems
- graduates meet their network of amazing people whose knowledge and experience you can leverage
- great environment to develop business and technical skills
-ASX is small enough for you to be noticed but big enough that you can make a difference

What will you gain at ASX?
- graduates have meaningful work from day one
- graduates have exposure to the ASX Leadership team
- graduates learn the ins and outs of the market - something only able to be accomplished at the ASX
- graduates gain working knowledge of financial products
- graduates may work on projects that have a significant impact on our business

The ASX fit
ASX has a great culture so they want to make sure graduates are going to love working there and fit into their team. To be an ASX ‘fit’ they're looking for graduates with:
- a keen interest in finance and or technology and a thirst for knowledge
- a passion for working in a team
- an ability to show us that the customer is number one
- innovation with a touch of business savviness
- a drive to succeed
- ability to build great relationships and able to communicate with their diverse customers and employees
- a connection with ASX's vision
- an eye for detail and demonstrated analytical thinking

Above all else, you'll strive to be World Class.

If you're interested in any of their vacancies or would like more information email them.


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