Citi internship


Citi internship

Citi is a magnet for talented interns

Many investment banks seek out mathematics, science and engineering graduates in today’s high-tech trading environment. Citi is no exception with it's call for talented people in women areas.  

Citi Australia targets students with strong mathematical, computing and quantitative skills to supplement its typical intake of graduates from business disciplines. And before its impressive graduate program, is its intern program.

Applications for summer intern positions with Citi Australia generally close in July each year. Those who impress usually go on to start in graduate jobs early the following year.

Financial institutions can sometimes offer big salaries and high-status positions. banks have long picked the sharpest minds from intern pools and graduating classes. 

"Traditionally only 15 per cent of students who apply for Citi’s internships are from non-business backgrounds, compared to closer to one-third in Europe," says Citi's David Haldane. "What I find is the industry is moving towards a technology focus with better ability to understand how systems and various electronic platforms work and can be integrated with each other. Direct electronic trading that uses a bespoke style of execution is better understood by someone with a computer science degree who can grasp the algorithms used."

banks often take interns into their internship programs with backgrounds as varied from dental science to aeronautical engineering and foreign languages becuase problem-solving types of degrees can work well in the finance sector.

Citi’s head of resourcing, Tamaryn Bliss, says the bank receives 50 applications for each summer intern position available. “A lot of students will perceive that it comes down to their grades," she says. “But when we’re screening CVs we’re looking for people who have a variety of different interests, whether those are sport or volunteer work. We’re looking for people who are able to multi-task."


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