Family-friendly ASX is great for women returners


Family-friendly ASX is great for women returners

The Balance@ASX initiative was launched at ASX in 2009 to assist employees in achieving a holistic balance between work and life.

The initiative is about engaging staff in the business through talent development and career opportunity, creating flexibility in work practices, and supporting family and personal choices.

The initiative focuses on practices designed to assist all employees regardless of gender, age, s*xual orientation, background, religion or family responsibilities.

ASX’s flexible work initiatives assist employees with carer responsibilities as well as employees looking to transition towards retirement. The internal promotions culture is merit based allowing employees to be considered for promotion and secondment opportunities based on experience and what they can bring to the role.

All roles are flexible

ASX offers mutually beneficial flexible working arrangements for all roles. They recognise that employees need to balance work and personal lives and have differing needs, such as caring for children or elders, study commitments, volunteering activities, travel and sporting interests.


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