Citi attracts senior executive women


Citi attracts senior executive women

Women leading Citi

Citi has an 18-month sponsorship program designed to foster the mobility of their  high performing senior women.

Managing Director and Director-level women expressing an interest in advancing their careers through mobility are nominated by their business leadership.

Participants gain opportunities to network and to broaden their leadership skills with a four-person support team-their manager, human resources partner, a talent professional and a senior advocate who serves as their sponsor.

Participants receive in-depth assessments, personal coaching, and attend leadership workshops and webinars led by global industry experts.

Women's leadership development

Citi's suite of leadership programs to support advancement to senior management includes a global leadership program for their high performing female Directors.

The program combines lectures, discussions, small-group work and personal assignments to help their talented female employees better manage their career development and mobility.

Participants learn how to demonstrate executive readiness, become champions and role models for the organisation and grow their professional networks.

Citi values diversity

Recruiting, retaining and developing senior executive female talent is a huge priority for Citi.


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