Citi attracts women returners


Citi attracts women returners

Flexible working

Being able to work from home is a stretch for many corporate employers.

Citi offers flexible work arrangements where possible.

Citi employees can purchase additional weeks of annual leave each year, above the standard four weeks offered. One week’s leave is the equivalent of one week’s salary.

Citi's workplace caters to the needs of a diverse employee base - and of course working mums is a big segment of that.

Increased parental leave benefits and extended leave options support the needs of Citi's employees - whether family and care responsbilities or other outside interests.

Citi provides their people with the flexibility to manage their personal commitments and working lives effectively.

Programs and resources provided by Citi include:
- flexible work arrangements
- coaching and mentoring programs
- assistance preparing for and returning from parental leave
- parental leave toolkit for managers
- generous parental leave payments for the primary care giver
- childcare facility
- provision of breast feeding/express room
 - specialist skills development programs for women
 - ongoing compulsory training to foster an inclusive workplace

Citi also has a Diversity Council with senior management representation addressing diversity opportunities and issues with the bank. 


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