DuluxGroup actively supports women returners


DuluxGroup actively supports women returners

DuluxGroup supports women returners

Because a core value of DuluxGroup is to Value People, Work Safely and Respect the Environment, women can be assured their employment with DuluxGroup is inclusive. Everyone at DuluxGroup commits to 'Behave with respect and integrity, embrace diversity'. DuluxGroup strongly believes that an inclusive culture and diverse workforce results in better business outcomes and helpd ensure a safe, productive and engaging workplace for employees.

At DuluxGroup women can feel safe to perform at their very best

DuluxGroup is actively trying to increase the number of women in the company - and especially increase the number of women in leadership in DuluxGroup. They're focusing their efforts on actively increasing the percentage of female employees in the areas of Sales, Supply Chain and Trade Centres, where women are under-represented. As mentined, increasing the number of women in leadership is also a critical area of focus.

DuluxGroup has progressed its diversity agenda

The company has a number of key activities including a detailed statistical analysis of the employee population and leadership pipeline. As part of the analysis, they conducted a comprehensive pay equity audit that revealed no significant discrepancies overall. Other key activities have continued from previous years including the provision of specific coaching for women returning to work following family leave and regular communications highlighting their employees’ diverse thinking, unique perspectives and approaches to everyday workplace situations. Their focus on building a strong foundation for employing more women is beginning to show sustainable and positive results. They're attracting more female candidates than ever before to roles advertised for DuluxGroup. While growth has been incremental at this stage, they've established a solid base from which to accelerate this growth.

DuluxGroup has positioned itself as a great place for women to work

They've a number of initiatives including hosting a very well attended event for the National Association of Women in Operations (NAWO). A key area of focus has been on increasing the number of women on short lists for management roles. This is having a strong impact with a high level of awareness among their recruiting managers. As a result, most vacant roles now have at least one woman on the short list and managers are now recruiting proportionally more women into DuluxGroup. 

Talent Management and Retention

Their talent Management processes highlight high potential women and ensure the right development opportunities are offered including mentoring, development programs and sponsorship.


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