Good examples of CVs


Good examples of CVs

How good is your CV?

Recruiters spend a very short time scanning your CV so it needs to impress them almost instantly.

A clear, easy-to-read, clutter-free, informative CV is needed. 

Recruiters are information hungry, but time poor. CVs that are "hard work" don't give a great first impression.

The CV 'must have'

A clear and compelling sense of who you are, what you've done and what you're looking for is required.

In fact, in interviews you should always try to use the SAO model:

- what was the situation?

- what actions did you take?

- what was the outcome?

Applying this mindset when you're writing your CV or resume is also important as it guides you think be results-orientated -  and recruiters are always trying to quickly understand what you have done and achieved, andin what contexts.

So using this model means that you're probably providing context, explaining what needed to be done and your part in it, then describing your achievements  - all useful information to try to get across in your CV or resume.

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