Watch these insightful videos about working at top companies


Watch these insightful videos about working at top companies

Great company videos

Watch brilliant company videos to gain useful insight into what it's like to work at different companies.

Hear what women say about their roles, the work culture, support networks, flexibility, diversity, benefits and rewards.

Gender equality in the workplace 

Diversity and inclusion is important to progressive employers. It defines them. It makes great business sense, but it's also the right way to ensure true equality.

Companies that recruit, retain and develop female talent tend to have a better pipeline of women entering, staying and moving up within the company. From mailroom to the boardroom, women are visible in companies that actively encourage women to step up.

Flexible working

Companies that support women at work generally tend to provide a range of flexible working options like part-time jobs, jobshare, flexible work schedules, term time only working, extended leave options and more.

Accenture women

Accenture women are just some of the impressive people appearing in the videos. Hear what women at Accenture they have to say about their work and employer  ...  

Watch these insightful company videos 

So get some great insight into top companies for women and gain knowledge about what makes them a great employer.


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