Gender equality in the workplace


Gender equality in the workplace

Top employers for women actively support gender equality in the workplace.

Recruiting, retaining and developing female talent is key for companies that have best practice in diversity and inclusion.

Women's mentoring and coaching provide great support

Women's mentoring and coaching is needed if women are to advance to senior levels. As are flexible working arrangements like part-time work, job shares, being able to work from home, term time only working and reduced hours. But beware as not all companies provide these flexible working options.

Women returners (that is women returning from voluntary career breaks - whether due to maternity leave, family responsibilities, elderly care, etc) require targeted support to help them get back to work. Supporting women in building confidence, developing their networks and providing an up-to-date knowledge of recent industry sector events and technological advancements is crucial if women are to return to work feeling equipped to cope with a new role and perform well, while still balancing their family responsibilities.

Companies like Morgan Stanley have a good women returners program

One of the market leaders is Morgan Stanley - who provide an impressive Women Returners paid internship program helping women in finance sector get back to work after a career break.

Suncorp is another company that leads the way supporting women back to work - offering excellent flexible working arrangements and benefits. Do you now that over 84% of Suncorp employees work flexibly?

Suncorp flexible working arrangements are especially popular with working mums

Award-winning Suncorp has a very diverse and inclusive work culture. Respect for employees is high on their agenda. Part time work and job sharing is common place, as is flexible working. A great women's network and further employee networks provide substantial support, events and contacts.

In the Asia Pacific region, gender equality in the workplace is generally a high priority however some countries take it more seriously than others. Many top employers in Australia receive the annual Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) citation which demonstrates they're recognised across industry as an employer of choice for women.


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