Returning from a career break?


Returning from a career break?

EY supports women returning from career breaks

EY's parental leave coaching improves retention of talented women. They launched a program of parental coaching to reduce the number of talented female employees leaving the firm within two years of returning from parental leave.

The program comprises four coaching sessions held before, during and after parental leave, designed to help new parents prepare themselves in a number of practical ways.

The coaching is provided one-to-one for senior managers, directors and partners and in small group sessions for more junior employees.

The firm also requires all managers with responsibility for someone who is taking parental leave to attend two group coaching sessions.

The purpose of these sessions is to improve managers’ confidence in handling the transition and to discuss best practice.

Flexibility is an ongoing focus

At its core, it’s about team members working together to determine how to meet the priorities of the business while helping each other lead fulfilling personal lives. Supporting flexibility helps EY meet the needs of their people, their teams and their clients.

Flexibility is not about working less - it’s about working differently.

Flexibility helps EY value prioritisation, time management and results over face time and long hours. A flexible professional can adapt to or accommodate change, while a flexible organiation can change direction nimbly, quickly capitalise on unexpected opportunities or modify plans to better accomplish long-term goals.

EY provides their people with the resources and technology to make flexibility work - to keep them in touch with other team members, to work together to meet client expectations, and to increase productivity and efficiency.

They also provide people with services to help make their busy lives easier. Examples include:
- Child and elder care resource and referral
- Daily life services
- Adoption assistance policy
- Lactation program
- Legal consultation Services
- Parental leave policies


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