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Atlassian is the best place to be a graduate

Women, get yourself into Atlassian if you want to grow a totally amazing, exciting, brilliant career.

The most amazing thinkers - like NASA rocket scientists and Tesla engineers - are using Atlassian's solutions. Atlassian is in the business of developing software to help teams everywhere get amazing ideas off the ground and into the world. Perhaps Atlassian sounds like a very exciting place to start a career?

At Atlassian, you'll be encouraged to use your imagination and try new things. You'll be guided by Atlassian's our core values, and you'll be supported by some of the best minds in tech. They want you to have everything you need to do amazing work right from the start.

Get your hack on

In your first week at Atlassian you get trained by our their at people at an event called "HackHouse". You'll participate in what Atlassian calls "ShipIt" which stretches your innovation muscles by dreaming up and working on new features that can be shipped straight into their products that support millions of users worldwide - and that's just the beginning.

Bootcamping it big style

After Atlassian's HackHouse, Atlassian extends your knowledge at their head in Sydney where you get to solve problems and deliver a cool project of your choice. It's a multi-week crash course all about Atlassian's business, how they ship software, and how they work with their customers.

Gradlassians unite

Atlassian's "Gradlassians" are a network of current graduates and recent alumni of the Atlassian Graduate Program. Through this amazing network, you can participate in dinner parties and activities like rafting, rock climbing and much more.

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