Women are attracted to Rio Tinto's graduate programme


Rio Tintos graduate programme

Rio Tinto's graduate programme

At Rio Tinto the work you’re given is real and you can explore and develop your personal and professional potential within one of the most dynamic and diverse companies in the world.

Did you know Rio Tinto produces borates which are a key ingredient in the glass used in smartphones?
As pioneers in mining and metals, they produce materials essential to human progress. They’ve been in business for more than 140 years and produce a diverse suite of minerals and metals that enable the world to grow and develop.

Rio Tinto's graduate programme enables you to specialise in your chosen discipline while getting hands-on experience to help you. You’ll deliver real projects, work and learn from professionals who are leaders in their fields and benefit from the vast experience of a global network of colleagues and peers. Their graduate programme is for those seeking a challenging, exciting and rewarding environment.

Rio Tinto's graduate programme is designed to develop our future management and technical leaders. From day one you’re treated as a professional in training. The challenges you’re set are real. The support and mentoring are real. And so are the respect and rewards you earn along the way. 

They'll expect a lot from you too

Commitment, passion, perseverance and respect for others, just for starters. 
If this sounds like a challenge you would relish, you can look forward to:

- excellent support, through training, coaching and development
- constant acquisition of practical new knowledge and skills
- working with diverse people from different cultural backgrounds
- real, challenging, varied and exciting work
- the tools, knowledge and skills you need to go further

The Graduate Development Programme is designed as a learning journey, a journey that will take you through a variety of activities such as webinars, self- paced courses, a business game simulation and an idea generation game.


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