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Bloomberg Internship: Choose your own adventure

Yvonne Yujing Liu shares how her Singapore internship expanded her knowledge base and landed her a full-time role at Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).

As a public policy post-graduate student in Singapore, I decided to pursue an internship at Bloomberg to learn more about the energy market, particularly from a financial perspective.

In the first few weeks of my Financial Product Sales and Analytics internship in Singapore, I was immersed in intensive training on the financial market and products. I was the only intern without a financial background. It was tough–but productive. After five weeks in Analytics, we were moved into Sales within different sub-teams, based on what we wanted to learn and experience. Hence, I was on the commodities team, where I worked with people who knew a lot about oil and gas, allowing me to learn the fundamentals of the commodities market.

For one of our intern group projects, we were tasked to research the Singapore metal market trends. Our mentor did not give us specific instructions, but asked us to “talk to people no matter who or where they are.” So, by speaking to clients and our sales team as well as Bloomberg Intelligence analysts in Hong Kong and London, we were able to successfully deliver a well-researched report.

In addition to our projects, we had numerous classes and exams during the course of the internship, as well as sessions with senior leaders from other departments who shared what they worked on. It was through one of those sessions that I was introduced to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), which provides analysis and tools for decision-makers in the energy industry. This business aligned perfectly with my interests!

When I expressed my desire to explore BNEF further, I was introduced to team leaders in Singapore and Beijing. I discussed with them how my Analytics and Sales internship in Singapore, along with my public policy background, would prepare me for a successful role in BNEF. Through these conversations, I ended up transitioning into a full-time role with BNEF in Beijing. It is incredible how much Bloomberg encourages employees to explore opportunities that align with their strengths within the company.

Finally, I will say the culture at Bloomberg is amazingly warm and friendly, and people do become very good friends. I even got three birthday cakes in the office for my 25th birthday, which was incredibly unexpected!

-Yvonne Yujing Liu, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Beijing

You can apply to become a summer intern in Financial Product Sales & Analytics in Beijing or a summer intern in Print News in Singapore. Learn more about Bloomberg's internships.

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