Suncorp is a top employer for talented women


Suncorp has a lot to offer talented women

Working at Suncorp means you get to use your initiative - every day!

We all have the innate desire to help others, it’s what makes our lives worth living. Making even the slightest improvement to someone’s life is something that will stay with them forever. At Suncorp, they empower their people to put the customer at the heart of every decision, every day.

Take Shae, a claims assessor who went beyond the call of duty to reinstate a customer’s policy to help cover an accident that followed closely after her daughter had passed away. Or Personal Insurance employee Elizabeth, who helped a loyal customer keep his business afloat when she noticed he was covered for melanoma treatment thanks to the type of policy he had with Suncorp Group.

"I felt so proud that we were able to look beyond the usual process. Scenarios like this put into perspective why we do what we do, why feelings matter - it’s not just about insurance. It feels good to be a part of that," says Shae Clark, AAMI Claims Assessor.

Why not check out the wide range of exciting roles available at Suncorp! They;re an excellent company to work for and are keen to ensure they recruit and retain diverse talent.

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