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Fortune Most Powerful Women list

Gender equality in the workplace

Around the world, there is an increasing number of spectacular women's events that debate issues regarding gender equality in the workplace.

Women-focused events are useful for igniting debate, sharing knowledge and best practice, inspiring future generations and setting benchmarks for expectation. 

Fortune's Most Powerful Women 

One of the most successful events worldwide is the Fortune Most Powerful Women event.  What started as a conference many years ago has evolved into one of the world’s most extraordinary leadership communities consisting of successful women in business alongside leaders in government, philanthropy, education and the arts.

Women in power 

Fortune created Most Powerful Women (MPW) in 1998 with a simple idea that women were gaining significant power in the corporate world and had become a lot more interesting than in the old days when women leaders, to thrive, had to behave like men.

Top 50 women

Fortune’s annual Most Powerful Women list ranks the top 50 women in corporate America. It measures women on four criteria: the size and importance of her business in the global economy, the health and direction of her business, the arc of her career (how quickly she has moved up and where she’s likely to go from here), and social and cultural influence. Fortune uses the same criteria to rank the Fortune International 50 MPW.


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