Female talent is highly valued at nbn


nbn is a progressive employer of women

nbn has a number of initiatives in place to support the Gender Equity of their organisation.

Women’s Development Network (WDN)

The Women’s Development Network is designed to inspire and support women to succeed at nbn. The WDN recognises the need for both women and men to learn from each other and foster personal and professional growth by creating a culture of respect, acceptance and inclusion.

What the network provides

- awareness raising about different perspectives and approaches that men and women bring to the workplace, and the advantages we gain from these
- networking events to develop and support each other
- mentoring opportunities to develop understanding and assist in career progression
- recognising and profiling nbn's champions of women
- celebration events such as for International Women's Day


The network is inclusive of both women and men, and men at nbn are actively encouraged to join the network.

Recruitment diversity strategy

nbn has identified and implemented strategies to develop female participation in the recruitment process including expanding the female talent pool by broadening sourcing channels and ensuring gender representation of shortlisted candidates during the recruitment process.

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