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Where Women Work urges you to get behind and support this important research.

Monash University is seeking women who can speak about the chops, changes and transformations in their career paths.

Are women's careers really linear?

The research project focuses on exploring women's career successes in later life and is titled 'Second Horizons: Exploring the working trajectories of mid-later life women'. The Monash University research project seeks to interview women in Victoria over the age of 40 about their career trajectories and perceptions of women in leadership in order to try and challenge the narratives about careers being linear, uninterrupted and assuming a 'male' model of success.

Women's voices and experiences

Specifically the researcher, Monash University Associate Professor Kathleen Riach is looking to gain an appreciation for the diversity and richness of women's working lives in order to develop an evidence-base of best practice based on women's own voices and experience.

They're hoping to interview as many women as possible and are hoping women in the Where Women Work community' will be interested in sharing their experiences.

Women's career transformations

So if you've stopped, started, changed, transformed or reinvented yourself during your working life, researchers from Monash University want to hear from you!

Help challenge out-dated, enduring masculine notions of "career" through participating in this important research opportunity. Interviews last around 45 minutesand are anonymous and confidential.

Email Barbara Dalton or call 03 9903 2998 to find out more!

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