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Avanades forging gender balance through innovation

Avanade's forging gender balance through innovation

Customer expectation is changing on a daily basis as new technology continues to trump new technology. There are a myriad of options for interacting with businesses. Millennials have grown up with smartphones in their hands, and that “always-on” contact is changing the way brands interact with customers. Every company is being disrupted in some way.

In an increasingly competitive digital world, brands need to challenge traditional business models and consider what can be done differently to attract, win and retain their customers by meeting or exceeding expectations at every touch point.

Welcome to the digital workplace. It’s real, and it’s here to stay. How is it changing your life?

Disrupting the world for good

At Avanade, they’re helping businesses to disrupt the world.

A joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture, Avanade has more than 29,000 professionals operating across countries. It’s one of the world’s largest communities of Microsoft professionals. It aims to be the leading digital innovator within the Microsoft ecosystem. And women play a large part in that vision

Women add incalculable value

CEO Adam Warby told Geek Wire “I come from a family of strong women - my mother, my wife and my daughters are all highly intelligent and confident women. Which is why I find it inexcusable that, generally in work situations, and particularly in the IT sector, women are often under-represented and regarded as less capable than men in terms of technical understanding and management ability. Women add incalculable value to all human endeavour, and to limit or exclude their representation is irrational and demeaning.”

Forging gender balance through innovation

Avanade consistently promotes gender balance and they have some impressive initiatives underway. As a result of their partnership with the Aspire Foundation, over 1,000 new women around the world are now working with a mentor.

Avanade joined more than 30 other progressive companies committing to the White House Equal Pay Pledge. It was a sponsor of the Grace Hopper Conference that saw the company make history by successfully breaking a Guinness World Record at the event for getting 806 individuals to contribute to a computer program in 24 hours.

Innovation doesn’t happen in a bubble

Working at Avanade provides a chance to see the full lifecycle of a project come to life - from strategy planning and ideation, all the way through implementation and managed services. At Avanade, innovation doesn’t just happen in a bubble. It’s woven through the company and employees are innovating from the first day they join.

Careers that match life stages

But it’s not all work: Avanade understands that people have passions outside of work, and the company makes the most of digital workplace solutions to give them the tools they need to be successful, both personally and professionally. As people’s life and path change, Avanade actively promotes internal moves within the company to allow people to gain new experiences, broaden their responsibilities and, as needed, build more flexibility into their schedules. This is a company that wants its people to be their “best self” - not just for the company’s success, but for each individual’s personal success. Embracing diversity and inclusion, and believing in what makes people unique, strongly benefits Avanade’s work, culture and clients - and it makes Avanade a pretty exciting place to be.

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