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Looking for a connected future?

Looking for a connected future?

WHAT IF YOUR CAREER COULD LEAVE A LEGACY? What if you could help bridge a digital divide? What if your own work helped connect a nation in so many ways and on so many levels? nbn is the company building Australia’s new broadband network, with the aim of connecting eight million Australian premises to fast internet by 2020. The company is running the biggest national infrastructure project in Australia’s history, and is entering its most exciting phase as the rollout accelerates and the network reaches scale this year. If you have a curiosity and passion for innovative solutions, then why not consider working at nbn to help build Australia’s broadband network. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a significant and defining impact, and there’s loads of flexibility and exposure to vast opportunities. 

Shape your own future

nbn offers a rare chance to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment where you can shape your own future as well as making a difference to all Australians. At nbn your work has great meaning and carries significant social responsibility. You can be proud of the difference you’ll make bringing better social connectivity, health and education to many. nbn offers a chance to contribute to the future infrastructure and legacy of Australia delivering access to fast broadband to every Australian, no matter where they live. It’ll help remote and regional Australians enjoy better access to e-health services, distance education and online learning, entertainment-on-demand and more. Businesses can increase their productivity, reduce costs, telecommute, use a wider range of devices, access new markets and innovations, and lower their operating costs. 

An engaging work culture

The work culture at nbn is engaging, innovative, inclusive, and challenging. You’ll be supported to achieve your potential, and you’ll work amongst some of the most talented people in their fields. The company is actively recruiting female talent - and there’s a supportive senior leadership team to mentor and foster career development.

What can you achieve?

At nbn there’s strong, clear, innovative leadership and the CEO and members of the Executive Team provide sponsorship and active commitment for diversity and inclusion initiatives. There are opportunities for flexible career journeys, and individuals are supported to manage their roles and responsibilities whilst maintaining a worklife balance. The pace of growth at nbn provides unique career opportunities across all areas of the business throughout Australia. People at nbn value different perspectives and the distinct contribution everyone can make because of their own unique backgrounds, skillsets and experiences and that’s what enables nbn to create an inclusive culture for everyone. Learn more at nbnco.com.au/careers

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