nbn™ offers women challenging careers


Women work on globally significant projects at nbn™

Women work on globally significant projects at nbn™

nbn™ looks to all its team members to demonstrate their core values every day, including through their integrity, inclusivity, collaboration, innovation and passion. 

In return you get to work with truly inspirational leaders and innovators in the field and take on engaging and exciting work - seeking original solutions to new challenges every day.

“I came to nbn™ wanting to make a difference to Australia and to embark upon one of the most challenging and significant national infrastructure projects in our history. We’re doing something truly visionary and to be a part of this as a woman, and even more so as a transgender woman is a richly rewarding experience and career highlight. There are no limits to what I can achieve at nbn™ working as a peer with arguably the best telecommunications talent not only in Australia, but globally," says Megan Smith, Senior Technical Specialist, Engineering at nbn™.

Join Megan in pursuing a fast paced career connecting a nation and apply for a role at nbn™ today.


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