Chaminka de Silva enjoys the RBA work culture


RBA offers exciting career development for women

RBA offers exciting career development for women

As a woman in technology and finance, the Reserve Bank of Australia is an impressive career choice.

The Bank offers a range of opportunities from senior management positions and experienced professional roles through to entry level positions, including traineeships, vacation work programs and roles for graduates.

The organisation embraces lifelong learning and understands that professional qualifications, accreditations and postgraduate study contribute to a fulfilling career. Employees at any level can apply for support towards career-relevant professional memberships and study, with additional leave and financial assistance provided. 

Chaminka De Silva works as a Senior Manager in Currency Systems, Information Technology Department. She enjoys the work culture the RBA provides, and the exciting opportunities for career progression:

“My role at the RBA is the most exciting I have had anywhere in my 20-year career in IT. That’s because I lead the team that manages all the systems involved in designing, producing and distributing banknotes. While it is a unique role, I find it quite humbling because I know that what I do affects everyone in the country. We have a range of ways to ensure that people at every level enjoy the careers they want and progress in the direction they have chosen. Everyone in my team has a career development plan that looks at the next 18 months. Talent management, including succession planning, is also given a high priority. I came to the RBA from the commercial banking and finance industry and didn’t know what the culture would be like here. I was surprised in the most positive way. I am surrounded by very intelligent and talented people. Debate is encouraged and facts and figures are required to justify decision - making. It can be challenging but also extremely rewarding,” she says.

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