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Avanades Digital Director Kirrily Kite feels supported

Avanade's Digital Director Kirrily Kite feels supported

Avanade provides an environment where you can realise your most ambitious career aspirations.

Helping customers with leading-edge projects

Whether you're an expert at generating ideas, deploying solutions, writing code, or just starting your career in business technology - a job at Avanade offers a unique opportunity to help customers with leading-edge projects while growing your skills and progressing your career.

Supported in our ambitions

“It’s the variety and opportunity that I love at Avanade. Our workforce is always evolving and we are supported in our ambitions to stretch into new roles,” says Kirrily Kite, Director, Digital at Avanade.

Exciting roles available

Find out more about the exciting work Avanade delivers and how data can drive performance - or research their many and varied roles across countries.


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