Avanade knows diversity is key


Reaching your potential at Avanade

Reaching your potential at Avanade

Avanade knows it can't thrive if it doesn't embrace the fantastic richness that diversity brings to the solutions and services it delivers to its clients.

In promoting its objective to build a gender-balanced organisation, Avanade is focusing on building a female talent pipeline to increase promotions from within and attract more women to the business.

Structured support for career growth

Via a number of internal programs including Woman@Avanade and the Accelerator Program for Women - Avanade is offering support to women at group manager and manager level to better support them as they progress their careers at Avanade.

Realize Your Potential is a program that reaches even more women across their organisation. It provides support, guidance, mentoring and solutions to barriers women may face in the workplace and much more. It's a six-month program dedicated to senior consultants and below, as women build their career at Avanade.

Anastasiya Smirnova who works as a Consultant in Software Engineering at Avanade has felt supported throughout her career:

“I really like the idea of taking ownership of your own career. With all the tools and opportunities available at Avanade and friendly advice from a Career Advisor and my senior colleagues, it turns into an exciting journey,” she says.

A vision for the future

Avanade looks for leaders with vision. People who can help them make a genuine impact on millions of people through the work they do each day.

Embracing diversity and inclusion, and believing in what makes people unique, strongly benefits Avanade’s work, culture and clients - and it makes Avanade a pretty exciting place to be.

Find out more about what Avanade is looking for today with these current vacancies. It could be the start of a great career.

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