nbn™ highly values female talent


Women share the vision at nbn™

Women share the vision at nbn™

IMAGINE BEING ABLE TO HELP give Australians the opportunity to be more productive, more creative, more efficient and more connected for generations to come. That’s just one of the exciting reasons Sophie Morrow was drawn to nbn™.

The nbn™ network is one of the most advanced technology projects in Australian history, providing access to fast broadband services throughout Australia. The company is attracting talented people who share the vision and are inspired by this once in a lifetime opportunity to make such a meaningful difference to the nation.

Redefining telecommunications in Australia

Sophie started her career as a project coordinator at nbn in Tasmania, her home state and the state where the nbn™ network was pioneered.

“It’s rare to be able to work on a project that has the potential to impact every home and business and I witnessed first-hand the benefits the nbn™ network brings to a community,” explains Sophie.

Relocating to Melbourne, Sophie now works in nbn’s Company Secretariat as a Governance Associate in the Legal and Security Department. “nbn supported my relocation to Victoria and continues to support my ongoing professional development as a student of governance,” advises Sophie.

An attractive employer for women

When it comes to her professional development, Sophie suggests “There’s no better education than the one I receive every day where I have the fortunate opportunity to learn from, and support, a first-class Company Secretary, Chairman, CEO and Executive leadership team.” Always challenged to excel, Sophie embraces each new opportunity that comes her way as well as creating and forging her own opportunities.

“The people at nbn™ raise my standards and challenge me to be the best possible version of myself,” cites Sophie whose career is thriving with this world class employer.

Looking forwards to an exciting career

So a successful career is well underway it seems for Sophie, with many excellent opportunities heading her way in the future. Learn more at nbnco.com.au/careers

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