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Women in IT enjoy flourishing careers at the RBA

Women in IT enjoy flourishing careers at the RBA

Working in the Information Technology Department as a Senior Analyst in Planning and Research, Veronica O’Gorman is thriving in her career at the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Information Technology (IT) anchors the RBA’s strategic responsibilities, and is the core provider of technology services and support to the organisation.

Some years ago, the RBA’s IT department in which Veronica works created an internal ‘Women in Technology’ (WIT) community to recognise, empower and promote women in technology. It does this by providing opportunities for its members to share experiences and ideas in a supportive setting and offering training focused on career development. Veronica has experienced this first hand:

“I really enjoy the fact that a large portion of my work is focused on innovation and technology research as well as strategic planning for IT and Security Services. My role also enables me to showcase my passion for IT through initiatives like the departmental Innovation Prize, Codefest and the Women in Technology (WIT) Committee.”

The supportive environment encourages employees

She believes these schemes have been successful due to the supportive environment that exists within the Reserve Bank of Australia, which is seen all the way from individual teams through to senior leadership level.

“I seek to model this same degree of encouragement and flexibility in my mentoring and leadership responsibilities,” she says.

Exploring new opportunities

“There is a strong emphasis at the RBA on mindfulness and on varying roles in order to provide plenty of opportunities to step up and try new things. At the same time, the focus on people and culture and flexible work arrangements acknowledges that staff are individuals with commitments and needs outside the workplace.”

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