Avanade supports employees seeking a better work-life balance


Thriving as a working mum at Avanade

Thriving as a working mum at Avanade

With more than 29,000 professionals operating across countries, Avanade is one of the world’s largest communities of Microsoft professionals. Women are playing a large part in its vision to be the leading digital innovator within the Microsoft ecosystem, which is thanks to its fantastic policies and initiatives like ‘Accelerator Program for Women’, the ‘Realize Your Potential’ program and its overall promotion of gender balance in the workplace.

Avanade has also joined more than 30 other progressive companies committing to the White House Equal Pay Pledge and their partnership with the Aspire Foundation has seen over 1,000 new women around the world now working with a mentor.

Supporting employees seeking a better work-life balance

Marsha Bacalis has experienced the company’s supportive and inspirational work culture first-hand in her role as a HR Technology Manager at Avanade.

“When I joined Avanade three years ago, I was expecting my first child. Though I was nervous about the impending life changes – anticipating the arrival of my son coupled with a new role at a dynamic company – I felt both exhilarated and empowered. Avanade was an attractive employer with sharp people invested in their work, and the digital workplace would provide me the flexibility I needed, both personally and professionally. I joined our Human Resources Technology team in an internal services role, and the hiring manager I interviewed with was a working mum herself; she was able to empathize, understand and appreciate my needs and concerns. All and all, Avanade seemed like a great fit!”

Women add incalculable value to business

Avanade is aware they cannot thrive in their industry if they don't embrace the fantastic richness that diversity brings to the solutions and services they deliver to their clients. By offering a truly flexible working environment, Avanade ensures it can truly harness the potential of its employees seeking a better work-life balance.

“Today, Avanade continues to be a great fit for my family and I. In my role, the flexible working environment allows me to balance my child’s daycare needs with the professional demands of my job.  My team is understanding and supportive of issues related to parenting, and with open communication we’re able to adjust as needed when my son is ill or I need to work a modified schedule.  Having colleagues empathetic to my personal situation has made my transition into a working mother so much easier,” exclaims Marsha.

Focussing on delivery, not gender

Thanks to a supportive work culture, Marsha has learnt to be creative about her productivity by introducing efficiencies to help her balance her reponsibilities - “I take calls when my son is asleep, and I answer email while we’re at the playground.  I have also learned to be honest and upfront with my colleagues about challenges I am facing – you would be surprised by how many people are willing to jump in and help out,” she says.

“With that said, don’t let me fool you – being a working mom can be daunting!  There are days that feel like a series of non-stop uphill battles.  Still, I feel that being a working mom has empowered me.  I am stronger and more confident in my abilities, both at home and as a manager.  Most importantly, I know that I made the conscious decision to balance work and motherhood, which have turned out to be my two greatest achievements.”

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