Industry leading Go-Orange program at Avanade


Graduates at Avanade seeing great career options

Graduates at Avanade seeing great career options

Avanade has a great mission - they work to create change for their clients, so they can create change for theirs. And if you join Avanade, you’ll be working with some of the most cutting-edge technology in the world. 

All Avanade's new starters take part in Go Orange - an 18-month industry-leading on-boarding program that's designed to immerse them into Avanade's culture and provide in-depth knowledge to help settle in and start firing on all cylinders. Of course, your training doesn’t stop after 18 months. We provide continual training in technology, consulting, management, leadership and more. At the heart of our training program is the Avanade University, an online hub where you can access the training you need anytime, anywhere.

At the start of your career Avanade knows how important it is to keep moving forward so they provide a well-defined path to help you move as quickly as possible from stage to stage. This model connects the dots between performance, career development and training. And according to Microsoft, Avanade people hold more Microsoft certifications than any other company in the industry. Avanade can make sure you get all the certification you both need and want for the future.

Hear what Avanade recent recruits say

“I have been incredibly fortunate to work with a brilliant team led by a very supportive group manager. Generally though, Avanade is filled with people who love what they do. Their enthusiasm and their technical expertise are all infectious – it makes it a fun place to learn! I love being able to make a difference, too. Data and analytics is a crucial part of all businesses going forward, and I can definitely see the value of the work I’m doing,” says Shraddha
in Data and Analytics

"I’m always telling my friends to come here. As I joined straight from university, I really appreciated the extensive training that I was given. I’ve heard about graduate trainees at other companies being left to sink or swim but that is just not the case here. The people at Avanade are really approachable. As I’ve said, the training is great, but you find you also learn from your team every day," says Chipo, Business Analyst in CRM

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