A supportive and encouraging work culture


Inspirational mentorship at the RBA

Inspirational mentorship at the RBA

In her role as Communications and Change Management Consultant in the Information Technology Department at the Reserve Bank of Australia, Jennifer McFarlane feels truly supported by her employer and is excited by her career possibilities at this top employer for women.

“The RBA has always been extremely supportive and encouraging, keeping me on track and accountable for my career and aspirations. It offers the flexibility for me to effectively juggle a number of commitments, including being a mother of two young boys,” says Jennifer.

Fulfilling careers at the RBA

With an understanding that professional qualifications, accreditations and postgraduate study contribute to a fulfilling career, the RBA embraces lifelong learning where employees at any level can apply for support towards career-relevant professional memberships and study, with additional leave and financial assistance provided. It is this sort of support that allows employees like Jennifer to be fulfilled in their careers.

“What most excites me about working at the RBA is the ‘new’ feeling I get from every piece of work that comes across my desk. Nothing is ever the same. It’s fresh with interesting narratives bound together by the bigger picture,” she states.

Individual support and guidance is key

“I once had a mentor who gave me the most valuable career advice I could receive: “Figure out what kind of person you are. Do you like process and methodology or freedom and creativity?” Once I could answer these questions, my next steps were clear. My role at the RBA now is a real reflection of me: full of variety, engaging and with loads of creative freedom and change.”

Exciting career options at the RBA

At the RBA, there are challenges and opportunities for anyone who is looking for them. Take a look at these current vacancies.

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