Blockchain, digitisation, robotics, data - EY's Rebecca enjoys her role


From cyber security to digital technology - working mums are thriving at EY

From cyber security to digital technology - working mums are thriving at EY

"I like the motto “work to live” because it emphasises what’s important to me and my priorities,” explains Senior Manager, Rebecca Lucas, a part-time working mum. “It wasn’t always like this and for much of my career I was more focused on ‘living to work’, but things have changed since I became a mum.”

Having decided to make the change to have a family later in life, Rebecca now places equal importance on spending time with her family and ensuring her family receives the time and attention they need together. On both professional and personal fronts, Rebecca is a ‘roll your sleeves up and get it done’ type of woman. She really enjoys being directly involved in projects, driving delivery right through until conclusion. But Rebecca has learnt to temper her energy so that she can maintain the right amount of down time and time out for herself.

From mining to consulting

When asked about her fast-paced role at EY, Rebecca explains that while her background isn’t formally in the information technology arena, her transferable skills and experience have taken her into the where worked closely with clients understanding problems needing solving and potential solutions. Rebecca has successfully transitioned across positions following her previous long-term employment in the mining industry. “It is possible to make the move to consulting from other sectors,” explains Rebecca. “You just need to have an open mind, confidence and be able to move with the pace.”

“I get to work on a wide range of different projects with great people, both on client side, and with my talented EY colleagues. At EY, I’m constantly having the opportunity to build on my skills and contribute to building the business. I enjoy working so extensively with Government organisations, many of which are leading the way with latest thinking in blockchain, digitisation and robotics, and looking at ways for sharing data and insights to drive better outcomes for society.”

Rebecca gained a Master’s degree in Internet Communication at the University of Canberra by undertaking part-time study as a mature age student. She especially enjoyed the strong links being made between her pragmatic, day-to- day work alongside her studies. “Being able to directly apply learnings from one context to the other was very powerful,” comments Rebecca. Being opportunistic and open to possibility “I’ve always been a bit opportunistic - and I’ve had some amazing roles fortuitously come my way,” says Rebecca. One of these opportunities was to move across into the cyber security arena where Rebecca worked for 7 years gaining extensive experience. “I’ve worked on very interesting projects over the years, some in really large complex organisations. I’ve always been grateful for the opportunities I’ve had because they’ve shaped my experience and placed me in good stead to contribute to a range of different service offerings in EY Advisory.”

EY’s diversity of people and thought is impressive

When considering what is most engaging about working at EY, Rebecca identifies that EY’s diversity of people are most impressive. Having the opportunity to shape her own destiny with EY is also a strong advantage. “I’m constantly in awe of the amazing and talented people I work with. EY has such clever people at all levels across the organisation, and I learn new things from them every day. Also thankfully, I’m well supported with my flexible working arrangement,” explains Rebecca who is proud of achieving balance as a working mum, which she suggests would not have been possible without the support from senior leaders at EY and the broader team she works with on a daily basis.

Be yourself. Be bold. Be comfortable

When it comes to women applying for roles at EY, Rebecca has sound advice. “Be yourself. Be bold. Be comfortable with change and diversity. And lastly, be confident that you can gain the experiences you want to in your professional life, while having the support of your colleagues to achieve the balance you require in your personal life,” she suggests. Having shared goals is also important, and EY’s focus on building a better working world is congruent with the goals, purpose and aspirations of its people and clients.

Rebecca’s advice to women joining EY

“Some women, particularly new mums, may find it daunting to work for a professional services organisation - with an inaccurate expectation that you’ll be required to work all hours of the day and night,” says Rebecca. “Like most professional roles, there are times when the pace is fast and the workload high. But, essentially, you make your own journey with EY and you manage your time within your own boundaries. You can succeed at being a working mum while enjoying being professionally challenged and continually developed by the experiences you gain, and by working with many talented people on interesting and complex problems.”

So if you’re interested in understanding more about how you can work for an organisation where you’re encouraged to balance your work and outside interests, why not research relevant career opportunities and connect with the supportive hiring teams at EY.

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