Prioritising diversity and inclusion at Avanade


Avanade encourages you to bring your whole self to work

Avanade encourages you to bring your whole self to work

As a company that is always looking to improve on how it approaches Diversity and Inclusion, Managing Director at Avanade Australia, Sarah Adam-Gedge has been delighted by the number of activities that have taken place this year foccussing on the importance of an inclusive and supportive workplace. These have included amongst others;

  • Avanade's first ever Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) submission. 
  • The redrafting and expansion of many of its workplace policies to make them more inclusive
  • Celebration and involvement in a number of PRIDE events
  • Involvement in LGBT Ally Week to share the challenges of being LGBT and how to be an ally to LGBT colleagues

An ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion

These initiatives have been warmly welcomed and attended over the course of the year and have resulted in a demonstrable shift in culture that empathises with LGBT issues and challenges. But with so much action taken, Sarah Adam-Gedge is still aware that Avanade Australia's Diversity and Inclusion journey still has much to achieve with committments including:

(a) An ongoing process of engagement, learning and improvement; and (b) recognition that LGBT+ Ally week is not just for show, it is a commitment to support colleagues in times of challenge as well as in the celebration and appreciation of each other’s differences and similarities. 

Sarah knows that to be truly great, Avanade Australia needs the best of the best. To this end it will not shy away from making Avanade a place where everyone can bring their “whole self” to work.

Opportunities with Avanade

To discover more information about Avanade’s Diversity and Inclusion endeavours, please visit Avanade's Diversity and Inclusion blog page. You can also learn all about the current opportunities with this forward thinking and supportive employer via these vacancies.


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