Reserve bank of Australia has great educational resources for women


RBA explains clearly what economists do

So, what exactly is economics? And what specifically does an economist do?

This insightful video from the Reserve Bank of Australia answers these important questions, and more.

Tap into the wealth of additional economic education resources available at

The Reserve Bank of Ausatralia has a number of resources available to assist students and teachers with understanding its work including:

  • information on the operations and objectives of monetary policy;
  • presentations for students and teachers on the economy and the Bank’s roles and functions;
  • a primary school education resource about Australia's banknotes; and
  • information about educational events for teachers.

Separately, the Bank provides talks to teachers and students, at all stages of learning, on a variety of topics including: the roles and functions of the Bank, monetary policy and the Australian economy and banknotes. These presentations are generally held at the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Head Office. The Bank has also expanded its school talks program to include school incursions.


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