UK Top 50 Employers List


Who made the UK's TOP 50 Employers list?

Financial services dominate another year of the UK's TOP 50 Employers for Women list.

Choosing the right employer  

The reality is that if women choose the right employer, they can exert all their focus and energy on progression rather than having to re-establish themselves with each new career move.
Staying with the one company longer means developing extensive, industry knowledge alongside an impressive reputation and recognised expertise.

Researching companies  

By diligently researching and comparing companies, and relying on the insightful testimonials of other female employees, women are more likely to secure the right job in a progressive company.
Initiatives like the UK's TOP 50 that was founded by Where Women Work in 2006, provide a useful reference point for women.

Market leading companies

Companies like Enterprise Rent-A-CarSantander and HSBC are market leaders when it comes to not only recruiting more women, but also developing and retaining them.

Identifying the right company in terms of culture, values, business strategy and personal fulfillment is critical. "Look for companies that match your values" says Donna Miller, European HR Director of Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

When women join a company where they thrive, they really don't want to move on. Managing Director of Morgan Stanley's Institutional Equity & Prime Brokerage, Becci says "Morgan Stanley is the only firm I see myself wanting to work for in the future ... employees come from many different backgrounds, education and expertise, we all work together as one". Following the careers of high flying women, many have spent the large majority of their time in a single company. However it is critical to understand the key signs when a current employer is not right. Working without recognition and credit, not being promoted, and being sidelined are all sure signs that a career move is required.<

Engaging female candidates

Many companies simply sit back and wait for women to come to them, rather than them proactively working to appeal to women. Progressive female-friendly companies do a lot more to engage female candidates and to actively ensure they know about relevant opportunities. Read about some in the UK here, or in Australia and New Zealand here


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