Work from home: Do corporations really enable this?


Work from home: Do corporations really enable this?

Want to work from home?

So maybe you want to work from home. Better still – just work school hours? Working from home for many is sometimes the ideal, perfect situation. But realistically, which are the jobs that can be done working from home? Many of the women who use wherewomenwork are degree qualified professional women but many companies want these women in jobs onsite.

So here's how you get to work from home

The trick is to find companies that have good flexible working policies. Life is often a compromise. Imagine working in the office 2 days a week, at home 2 days a week, and getting Fridays off. Sound good?

If you want to earn a decent salary, a complete work from home situation is not always possible as an employee. If you want complete work from home flexibility, you need to run your own business or freelance competitively with jobs on Odeskfreelancerelance and so forth. But if you want the security of a regular salary with benefits, then compromise is generally needed.

Watch out for work from home job scams

Make sure you watch out for the WORK FROM HOME scams - often requiring unwary people to make an upfront investment.

Best companies for flexible working

In our opinion some of the best companies globally to work for flexibly are Accenture because they have sophisticated and long-term policies and infrastructure that actually enable their employees to work remotely – anytime, anywhere.

Our TOP 10 work from home jobs

The reality is that salaried flexible jobs that have a work from home element generally include:

- consulting assignments
- marketing and business strategy
- market research and analysis
- research projects
- content writing (online and offline)
- customer service / help desk support
- medical related and xray diagnosis
- paralegal support and conveyancing
- outbound sales calling
- virtual pa / backoffice administration

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