Origin recruits and retains female talent


Origin is working hard to find female candidates

“We must make the headhunters of Australia aware that...they clearly don’t recognise that there are lots of women out there who are extremely well-qualified” says Origin Energy chairman Gordon Cairns in a BRW article by columnist Fiona Smith.

Origin chairman Grant KIng is a member of the Male Champions of Change group that includes industry heavyweights like Stephen Roberts, Chief Country Officer, Citi, Australia.

The group has seen about 14 organisations sign up to a “supplier commitment” to deny work to companies that did not adequately promote and nurture the careers of women. Conditions include equal pay and parental and carers’ leave provisions and preferential treatment of female-owned businesses.

Origin, alongside other progressive employers, has a firm commitment to actively seeking out female candidates encouraging them to apply for their positions.

Where Women Work is proud to work with Origin helping to actively increase the quantity and quality of their female candidates.


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