Origin Energy's General Manager Cheryl Hopkins on work & travel


Origin Energy's General Manager Cheryl Hopkins on work & travel

Little did she know, years later she would continue travelling the world even helping build houses for under-privileged women in Nepal with support from one of Australia’s largest energy companies, Origin.

Cheryl is responsible for managing risk within Origin’s investment in the $24.7 billion Australian Pacific LNG project and enjoys the complex challenges of the energy sector. She oversees a wide range of risk, assurance and compliance activity. Her current role reports on risk to Origin’s executives, oversees compliance to regulations, manages audits, evaluates governance processes and more.

“I learn something new every day. What drives me is seeing the big picture, joining the dots and figuring out next steps,” explains Cheryl. “Energy is a sector affecting everybody and I know my work makes a difference.”

Cheryl has worked as an energy analyst, IT systems programmer, commodities trader, commercial and industrial sales manager, and as a retail pricing and risk manager. She has managed retail acquisition teams and groups identifying new commercial ventures.

“The energy sector is ever-changing so being change-tolerant is essential. Skills like flexibility, adaptability, collaboration and having an analytical mind are highly valued,” says Cheryl. Read more about Cheryl and her journey in the Where Women Work magazine on page 9 here.


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