An excellent accelerator program


An excellent accelerator program

Avanade is keen to recruit and retain talented women, and has a great program supporting their career advancement.

Called the Accelerator Program, this exciting six-month program is designed specifically for female workers at the Manager & Group Manager level within Avanade.

The program is part of their evolving Diversity and Inclusion strategy and supports HR initiatives to build a more skilled, differentiated and diverse global workforce.

In partnership with qualified executive coaches, the program participants receive tutoring and a number of tools that equip them to better navigate their career path at Avanade. It enables female workers to address typical issues and barriers that may be in the workplace. Such barriers can include a lack of visibility, difficulties juggling work and home life, self-limiting behaviors, inflexible work practices, a lack of role models, sponsors, mentors, etc.

By the end of the program, participants can identify the ‘enablers and blockers’ in their environment, which may foster or hinder their future achievements.

Their employees globally take part in this exciting program whihc provides a fantastic opportunity to meet other Avanade women across the globe.

The Accelerator Program helps Avanade to better understand how thye can build inclusive leaders for the future. It also allows them to retain their diverse talent and ensure they recognise more female workers who can serve as role models at Avanade.


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