What surprises Avanade’s Tannya Follington?


What surprises Avanade’s Tannya Follington?

Working in Avanade's global Customer Solutions Architect team, Tannya enjoys translating business strategy into technology requirements and then harnessing required resources. Specifically, Tannya has a passion for creating innovative possibilities through technological solutions that address customers’ challenges while delighting end users.

“I absolutely love my job and get to work with some of the most talented people on the planet” declares Tannya. “Avanade is such a good fit. The international exposure is very appealing, as is the constant focus on innovation. It’s in the company’s DNA. We use latest technologies to constantly identify greater efficiency for our customers. Plus, I feel my own values are well-aligned with the company.”

A head for business

Much of Tannya’s time is spent working with sales and customer teams identifying, qualifying and developing new business opportunities. Her in-depth technical understanding coupled with her head for business mean that she needs to be both visionary as well as pragmatic.

Formerly Westpac's Head of Technology Group Operations and with financial services sector experience for 20 years, Tannya has forged a strong career in technology delivering large-scale projects while confidently managing stakeholders. Her enthusiasm for business transformation and change management is a highly prized asset for Avanade that provides leading-edge business technology solutions and managed services.

“My role requires keen market and industry awareness and a comprehensive understanding of the local and global competitive landscape. Spotting customer opportunities is an exciting challenge.”

More women needed in customer-facing technology roles

But what really surprises Tannya is how few women work in customer-facing technology roles across the industry. “I know so many process-orientated women who are great problem solvers and excellent communicators. Understanding and translating business requirements into technology solutions by designing and delivering outcomes is a valuable skill. I wish more women would choose a business technology career path.”

Tannya believes women have a keen eye for making things better and figuring out solutions - and this is what technology projects are all about. “Understanding a customer’s challenges and identifying how to implement the best solution requires both complex problem-solving yet also needs lateral creative thinking. You’re constantly using both left and right side brain thinking, while understanding end user needs. Technology is a perfect sector for creative women.”

A dearth of women in the technology sector

Yet there is still a dearth of women in the technology sector. Although women in Australia dominate university degrees in seven of the 10 main subject areas, architecture, engineering and information technology still see less female participation. Over the past 10 years, the number of female undergraduates doing information technology degrees in Australia has fallen from 23 per cent to just 15 per cent. Thankfully there are many programs being implemented by many groups to increase and support women in technology. 

Avanade has a fascinating and inclusive culture

Avanade has a very customer-focused, collaborative culture, where employees' passion for technology and real-world expertise, translate into valuable delivery. Avanade helps customers identify a vision and achieve it. There are many impressive women working at Avanade - and maybe this company could be for you. Avanade leads the industry with emerging technologies like cloud computing and mobile capabilities. The projects are fascinating and the culture inclusive. 

Ongoing learning and development

Avanade invests heavily in each employee’s ongoing learning and development, and in return has a very intelligent, agile, competent, leading-edge workforce. “Avanade puts its people on brilliant courses. Some Microsoft programs cost tens of thousands of dollars - so it’s an enormous investment in people”, explains Tannya.

“Within Avanade, you can choose your career and development pathway, for example as a technical specialist or a delivery specialist”, says Tannya. “It also creates many opportunities to develop into leadership roles that require both technical and delivery knowledge and experience.”

Find out more

Women enjoy working at Avanade – and there are many impressive reasons! To find out more about how your skills might be valued at Avanade, get to know the company and what opportunities exist.


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