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GKN is a truly global company. And with over 55,000 people working in over 30 countries, GKN people are making an exciting difference across the world. GKN people collectively speak more than 26 languages and the company's global culture enables its people to build and sustain close relationships with customers and suppliers across the world. GKN is a progressive employer and is very committed to helping its employees grow, to developing their teams and enabling everyone to reach their full potential.

An innovative and diverse engineering company

As an engineering company, innovation is what differentiates GKN from its competitors and is central to their success. A balance of cultures, ethnicities and genders help bring new ideas and creativity to GKN. They need people of different backgrounds, with different skills and perspectives to spark originality, imagination and creativeness in their teams around the world.

An environment where difference is valued

GKN respects the rights of others. They aim to create a working environment where abilities, differences and achievements of all their employees are valued: an inclusive workplace. They treat all their employees fairly and is committed to ensuring a fully diverse and inclusive work culture.

20% women leaders by 2020

GKN set a goal for 2020 that 20% of GKN’s leadership should be women, and in time, 20% should be from under-represented ethnic groups. GKN seeks to continue to be a great place to work and they pride themselves on being unique, so they certainly need their employees to be different too.

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