Suncorp is where women work


Gender diversity is a big deal at Suncorp

Building a more diverse and inclusive workforce is one of Suncorp's key business priorities. It carries the highest level of executive support. Their Diversity Council is chaired by Group CEO & Managing Director Michael Cameron and meets quarterly overseeing the three year diversity and inclusion strategy implementation.

Excellent female-focused career development and support

Suncorp has an impressive Women in Leadership program called Accelerate as well as further leadership development programs targeted at high potential females.

84% of Suncorp's employees work in a flexible way

A strong culture of flexible working is encouraged at Suncorp. They're confident that the greater their ability to build a truly flexible workforce, the greater their ability to retain excellent talent. They encourage their people to challenge the traditional paradigm of work and life and to think differently about where, when and how work is performed. Fostering a family-friendly workplace is something Suncorp's really passionate about so they encourage employees to take advantage of parental leave and flexible working policies.

Eradicating unconscious bias

Suncorp has delivered training to help identify and counteract any bias that could hinder the company's ability to attract, retain and advance diverse talent.

Make a difference

Suncorp Group has many job opportunities across insurance, banking, wealth management and corporate services and their brands AAMI, Asteron, GIO, Suncorp, Vero, Apia & Shannons.

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